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Voice and Tone on Social Media

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To reach your audience, your voice and tone on Social Media serve a crucial purpose. The voice and tone of a post defines your unique perspective on content. That being said, voice and tone serve very different purposes, and you need to know the difference between the two.

Social Media Voice and Tone, Social Media Marketing tips, Social Media Marketing help, Digital Marketing tips

When it comes to using voice and tone on Social Media to capture your reader’s attention, follow this rule of thumb: Your Voice should change, but your Tone should not. Voice and tone are vital to your posts. They’re your built-in toolkit when used correctly. But they need to be distinguished before you can benefit. Take it from the Social Media Gurus at Buffer, who emphasize voice and tone’s ability to “humanize your brand and let you take part in conversations naturally.” It’s much easier for us to relate to another person than it is a company, so your voice and tone should be on point.

Your voice represents your unique perspective. It’s your identifier. No matter what you post, your perspective is always your own and should remain consistent. But your tone represents the brand. Additionally your tone should reflect one that pleases your target audience. Not all brands have the same audience, so why would your tone? Your posts on Social Media must be 100% you, while also speaking in the style and language of your ideal viewer. See? It’s not as easy as it seems when focusing on reaching the audience you need. Remember, it’s all about them, not you. You only make it look effortless


With your audience kept in mind, your tone should change on a post-to-post basis. But it still needs to identify you. This is why your voice in the post needs to remain consistent throughout. Should your tone be comedic? Leave that to the brand and ask yourself, “Is that an appropriate way to please your viewer?” Constantly asking yourself questions like this will help you understand how to best use voice and tone on Social Media on a brand by brand basis.

Bottom line: Keep rocking that unique voice regardless of what you promote. But make sure the tone matches that of the current brand and reflects your target audience.

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