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Social Media Facts Shockingly Keep Internet Literally at Fingertips

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Shocking Social Media Facts Keep Internet Literally at Fingertips

Well, at least within the reach of our fingertips. What do you do with your phone while you sleep? You probably don't turn it off. If you keep your phone next to you while you eat, sleep, and, well, exist, you are far from alone. At least, according to research conducted by Forbes regarding current social media facts and statistics.

A whopping 91% of all adults keep their cell phone within arm's length during every hour of every day. Clearly in today's world, nobody wants to miss a thing. Because we are constantly reachable, we are on call 24/7. Thus the majority is keeping their phone by their side because of this.

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Social Media is no longer a hobby, but it is now a necessity for success in any field. It's crucial brands utilize it. Although unlikely you will need your mobile devices while asleep, people don't want to risk it. Because of the role of mobile phones and social media, it as easy as literally reaching your arm.

With a simple action, you have access to the entire web. Gone are days of simply using cell phones to play games and chat with your friends. These days, according to social media facts, immediate mobile access is necessary to function. And over 90% of the population agrees.

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Create A Stellar Social Media Plan

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Why a Social media Plan is Necessary:

Creating a Social Media plan is a necessary strategy for your brand! After all, social media is a big world. Because of this, it’s up to you to ensure your actions are in the best interest of your business. This way you can guarantee the content you provide reaches the right people. Social Media serves us as a user-friendly way to present your brand to your audience. It benefits both you as well as the customer at the same time!

While it may seem very clear to you what you hope to achieve for your brand. You may even know how you want to get there, a plan will assure all those steps are set in motion before you even start posting.

It’s not an easy task, but it makes your Social Media efforts much less taxing long-term. Jaclyn Montgomery Marketing favorite, Hootsuite, has a great six-step guide on how to create the best Social Media plan for your business. One of the most important tools they emphasize is creating a Social Media editorial calendar. This helps you develop a clear strategy for your content. Then, your content comes to a post already equipped with necessary tools. Primarily regarding the kind of content you post, how often posts occur, and who you’re targeting with each type.

After all:

Social Media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan