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Jaclyn Montgomery Social Media Management (Free Consultation & Analysis!)

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Why Does My Brand Need Social Media Management?

The short answer: Yes. Regardless of brand or company size, you need it. You are doing your brand a serious disservice if you're not using Social Media to grow your business. Social Media is no longer optional for businesses. It plays an increasing role in daily human interaction. Plus it is the easiest way to connect with and get discovered by customers. This trend will not stop, but will only continue to grow! As a result, it is more crucial than ever for an active Social Media presence with an engaged audience.

But how do you reach your audience? The web can often seem overwhelming, especially when your focus involves getting found on Social Media. Fortunately, we can help! JMM Social Media Management services ensure brands not only achieve, but surpass their Social Media Marketing goals.

Our Social Media Services Boost Social Media Presence & Online Engagement for All Brands and Budgets

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We specialize in:

  • Skyrocketing relevant Social Media and website traffic
  • Promoting campaigns and events* Enhancing Search Engine Optimization
  • Multiplying target Social Media audiences
  • Increasing online engagement and activity
  • Creating exquisite, must-read content
  • Igniting email campaigns
  • Maximizing growth and potential

Jaclyn Montgomery Marketing works with a variety of industries! Our clients include: startups, nonprofits, large corporations, small businesses, freelancers, agencies, events, individual promotions, and more.

JMM Social Media Management Services cater to the individual

No brands or audiences are exactly alike, so why would we treat their online presence and audiences as such? Hence, you deserve a unique, personalized approach to your needs. Jaclyn Montgomery Marketing flaunts your specific brand and customer qualities to expand Social Media engagement growth!


First, we start by uncovering the behavior of your target audience. Through use of analytics and tracking tools we analyze your Social Media activity and behavior. This focuses on making your brand more visible.


Then we cater to their behavior. Our Social Media services not only cater to the brand individuality, but also to the individuality of your audience behavior. This includes creating posts, ads, and content your audience seeks to read.  This content should schedule to appear during the most viewed times of your demographic. In addition, we ensure your brand uses the most optimal Social Media platform for your audience for content.


Finally, review and adjust performance. Repeat... and repeat. After your content is produced and delivered, we keep working. Discovering which posts are resonating with your audience and generating engagement is vital to Social Media growth. We ease the process of creating and predicting content that will increase activity. Additionally, analyze the post time to find one reaching audience. This process repeats until desired results are achieved.

Hubspot Certified

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Everyone at Jaclyn Montgomery Marketing is Certified in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing from Hubspot.

Hubspot is the go-to site for the latest Inbound and Social Media Marketing services, tools, trends, and news. Hence, the certificates guarantee an expert understanding and qualifications to enhance your brand with the most prevailing, up-to-date Social Media resources and effective practices! But Social Media is constantly evolving and changing. Because of this, we are retested and certified yearly to ensure we are equipped with the most current tools, information, and practices!

Ready for Your Free Consultation?

Send us an email at with the subject line "Social Media Marketing Services" for your free consultation and analysis! Include name, website, business email, and brief description of your brand's needs. We reply within 3 business days with a full analysis on the best practices for your brand. We tell you how we can help you get results.